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Dori: Media dismisses gun rally as ‘white nationalists,’ but I will defend Constitution


A gun rally in Olympia on Friday brought out gun rights activists who say that they need guns for protection because of all of the rampant crime that our politicians have allowed to flourish in the Puget Sound.

But our Legislature has vowed to create more anti-gun bills in this state — even though we already have some of the strictest gun laws in the nation, thanks to a citizen’s initiative voted in a year ago that is patently unconstitutional (and that sheriffs have said they will not enforce).

Now legislators want to ban high-capacity magazines and assault-style weapons. There are so many people in the Legislature who know absolutely nothing about guns — they just know that they want to take them away from law-abiding gun owners. Of course, if that happens, only criminals will have them.

NRA President Oliver North on Washington state’s gun laws

A similar rally took place at the Virginia State Capitol on Monday. Yet an NBC reporter, in another absolute example of fake news, said on Twitter that it was a rally filled with “white nationalists.” There is absolutely no evidence that this gun rally in Virginia was full of white nationalists.

Sure, there can always be a couple of whack-jobs in the crowd, but the vast majority of the crowd was made up of people there to defend their constitutional rights — rights that are, by the way, in danger of being taken away. For NBC to dismiss it as white nationalists shows that the media colludes with one party to discredit people standing up for the Constitution — and the media does the same thing in our state.

This is another example of how shameful the media has become, it is another example of how radical our state government has become, and it is another example of how important it is for you and I to stand up for our rights, because no one else is these days. I will keep fighting for you.

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