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Paul Allen victim of identity theft

It looks like no one is immune from identity theft. Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen had his identity stolen by an AWOL soldier in Pennsylvania.

Police in Pittsburgh say 28-year-old Brandon Price was able to call up Citibank and convince a customer service representative that he was Paul Allen. He was able
to change the address on one of Allen’s accounts from Seattle to Pennsylvania.

Price allegedly had a debit card sent to his home in Pennsylvania after calling the bank again saying he, Paul Allen, had lost his old one.

The card was used for a $15,000 Western Union transaction and to make a $658.81 payment on the Armed Forces Bank loan account the day it was activated, according to the complaint.

Surveillance footage also captured him attempting purchases at a video game store and a dollar store, authorities alleged.

Investigators found Price was listed as Absent Without Leave from the Army and wanted as a deserter, authorities said in the complaint. He was arrested March 2 and ordered detained until April 2 unless the Army takes him into custody.

Price is being held in federal custody.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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