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Explore the brighter side of the news with KIRO Radio's Colleen O'Brien

Colleen O'Brien

  • brownie

    Everett Brownie troop uses cookies sales to save pets

    An Everett Brownie troop decided to do some good with profits from cookie sales.
  • Officer with plenty of ‘sole’ helps community

    A longtime Dallas police officer has a side passion-project that came to him through his police work.
  • No age limit for Meals on Wheels volunteer

    Edward Kydd has traveled more than 13,000 miles and put in 1,700 hours of service for Meals on Wheels. He's 101 years old.
  • Police introduce new (stuffed) member of the force

    Police officers in America’s smallest state proved they have the biggest hearts by making boy's lost animal a member of the force.
  • A cardboard box makes a child’s day

    As a Mississippi family patiently awaited the delivery of their new refrigerator from Lowe's their 6-year-old son patiently awaited the delivery of that refrigerator box.
  • Students gift janitor with incredible trip

    Students gave the janitor at Bristol University cold hard cash and caught it on video.
  • Waiter creates prosthetic arm for young customer

    A young girl rode her bike - truly rode her bike - for the first time last Wednesday thanks to a waiter at an Ohio pizza place.
  • Employer has unique solution to opioid crisis

    The CEO of an electronics company in Indiana figured he had a problem when 10-percent of the people applying for jobs at his factory failed the drug test. A handful of his current employees had failed drug tests, too.
  • Volunteers drive dog 1,800 miles for loving reunion

    An Arizona family thought their beloved dog was gone forever. But he was found 1,800 miles way in Pennsylvania.
  • Child trades video game cash for charity

    If a kid finds her or himself with a wad of cash from chores or through an allowance most can't wait to spend it on a new toy or video game.