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Bob Ferguson, Seattle National Archives
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AG candidate Larkin: Bob Ferguson uses office to go after political foes

WA Attorney General Bob Ferguson. (Seattle Channel)

Attorney general candidate Matt Larkin believes Bob Ferguson has abused the power of his office, and simply wants to be governor in four years. He joined the Dori Monson Show to discuss how he believes Ferguson has been derelict in his duties.

“Well, I think for too long he’s been asleep at the wheel. We’ve had eight years of all the statistics in the world rising under his watch, with rising homelessness, drug abuse, crime, all of these things the attorney general should be looking out for and keeping down have been rising under his watch,” Larkin said.

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“We don’t recognize our cities anymore. It seems like we have an attorney general who is too focused on being governor in four years, which we both know he wants to be. He’s checked out. He’s not protecting the people of Washington anymore, and I will do that.”

Larkin believes Ferguson has made the attorney general position a highly partisan one, wielding the power of the office to go after those who don’t support him.

“He likes to go after people who disagree with him politically. He likes to go after people who don’t fund his campaign. There’s a bent in his office toward people he agrees with. And it’s not supposed to be a partisan office, it’s supposed to represent all Washingtonians, Republicans, Democrats, men, women, conservatives, and liberals,” he said.

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“When you sue the president of the United States 77 times … it becomes a partisan office. I don’t care what party you are. Imagine for a second I am the new attorney general and sue a President Biden 77 times in 3.5 years, you would say it’s the boy who cried wolf. Nobody believes that I’m a nonpartisan watchdog anymore. You know that I’m a partisan official, and that’s not how the attorney general’s office was ever intended to be.”

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