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Don’t let the election results steal your happiness

The days of speculation are over. Tuesday night has come and gone and reminded us that in an election, there are winners and losers. But don’t be hurt if your guy or gal didn’t come out the winner.

Dori is still smiling, and his pick for president didn’t win – and it’s likely his pick for governor won’t win either.

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When it came to Dori’s like-minded friends however, he said many became despondent.

“I’m deeply invested and I care about the outcome,” said Dori. Still, even though his picks weren’t winners, instead of falling into a depression, he is remembering all of his blessings in life.

Likewise, he doesn’t understand the gloaters. Receiving D-Mails from some listeners bragging about how Obama won or that Inslee is in the lead rubs Dori the wrong way.

“Like I’m going to feel even worse if they send me a nasty email? I don’t care! I’m going to to keep living my life. I have a lot of blessings in life.”

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