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Dori: Local leadership wouldn’t help us survive major earthquake

Damage caused by the 7.0 earthquake on Friday in Anchorage. (Marc Lester/Anchorage Daily News via AP)

Over the weekend, the Seattle Times obtained a report that said that if a major earthquake were to hit this region, we could be without water for three months. After that powerful earthquake hit Anchorage last week, it’s all the more important for us to focus on what could happen to our most necessary infrastructure.

Experts say that Seattle has a 15- to 20-percent chance of a severe “mega” earthquake in the next 50 years. And in this study, they said that if we want to mitigate the risks to the water system, it would cost $850 million. Many cities in California have made these major water system upgrades because of the tremendous earthquake risks there.

What this illustrates to me is something I’ve talked about many, many times — the idiocy of voters who put people in office strictly because of radical socialist ideology. Jenny Durkan, Dow Constantine, and Jay Inslee are not leaders — they are political ideologues. They get elected strictly for that reason.

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God forbid, we saw what happened when a fish truck flipped over a couple of years ago and gridlocked the region for 10 hours. If a fish truck does that, can you imagine what a natural disaster or a terrorist could do to this region? When you have people in charge who have no leadership capabilities, what are you going to do when a major earthquake hits this region?

You can think what you want of Rudy Giuliani, but look at what he did for New York after 9/11, the most unthinkable attack in our nation’s history. The leadership of that man was incredible. You saw how somebody reacted decisively and quickly to lift up that city after 9/11.

We do not have that kind of leadership around here, because social ideologues are generally lacking in those skills. All that has elevated them to the office they occupy is a group of like-minded lackeys.

Maybe instead of spending a total of about $100 billion on Sound Transit’s light rail network, a system that is doing nothing to alleviate gridlock and has enriched scammers at the expense of the taxpayers, maybe we should prioritize and take care of our most basic infrastructure that is essential for people to live.

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I am scared to death if we have that Cascadia Subduction Zone 9.0 quake. Can you imagine what Kshama Sawant and Mike O’Brien and Rob Johnson and the rest of the clowns on the Seattle City Council would do if we had a major geological event around here? We’re talking about people’s lives.

This report should be a big wake-up call, but where are we going to get $850 million when we’re already squandering so many billions on nonsense projects? This is what you get when you elect the type of people we’ve had running things, the one party that has been in control.

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