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Injury might be keeping Derrick Coleman on sidelines, but he's still inspiring off the field

Seahawks fullback Derrick Coleman says it's killing him to sit on the sidelines after being placed on injured reserve following a foot fracture, but the man recognized by many as the first deaf offensive player in the NFL is still inspiring people off the field.

To tweet or not to tweet: When is it ok for local government to say no to social media?

A Seattle woman, attending King County committee meetings, was told she was no longer allowed to live Tweet the meetings. She feels like her 1st Amendment rights are violated. But the county said they wanted to create a trusting environment where everyone was focused on the task at hand. Just because it is legal and "normal" to post everything to social media, does it mean we should always be allowed to do so?

Maybe Marshawn Lynch is just an introvert

Marshawn Lynch is famous for dodging interviews. He's dodged so many the NFL has fined him $100,000. But what if he's not just trying to rebel or hide from his fans, maybe he's just an introvert who isn't comfortable with public speaking and sharing all of his thoughts and feelings with the world? Susan Cain, the country's leading introvert expert, helps us understand the mind of an introvert.

Ron & Don: Protesters demonstrating against police are filling officers' pockets

Seattle police announced this week the department has spent $585,000 on covering demonstrations downtown, but KIRO Radio's KIRO Radio's Ron & Don say it's good for officers who want the money.

How to save a historic Seattle building from condo fate

Seattle is the fastest growing city in America, and many of the city's beautiful buildings have been demolished to make room for newer, bigger, modern-looking condo buildings. Here we explore how to save a building by making it a city-approved historic landmark.

A Jewish mother & a rabbi ponder: Should Rachel Belle get a Christmas tree?

Being Jewish, I have never had a Christmas tree, and I never cared or considered getting one. Until two weeks ago, when I saw a snowy tree tied to the top of a car and thought it might be nice. This story is my journey to a decision about whether or not to get a Christmas tree, or as some might call it, a Hanukkah bush. You'll meet my mother, a rabbi and a local Jewish woman who just got her first tree at age 47.

Ron chats with poker great Erik Seidel about everything but poker

I'm fascinated by talking to people who are great at what they do, especially when they are great at things that I'm interested in. So I hope you enjoy this interview with Erik. We talk about music, what it's like growing up in New York in the 60's and 70's. Playing backgammon at world class level, the stock market crash of 1987, and more.

Autistic boy reportedly put in isolation room 100 times; is this school's fault?

Parents at a Redmond school are not happy after learning their autistic son has reportedly been placed in a carpeted isolation room 100 times this year.

You can now eat a Tom Douglas meal while flying the friendly skies

Alaska Airlines has started serving a brisket chili over a Yukon gold potato, created by Seattle Chef Tom Douglas, and there\'s more to come next year. But did Tom manage to elevate above the typically, notoriously bad airline fare? Rachel Belle got a taste.

Candlelight vigil to honor murdered Cox boys, other kids who died unexpectedly

Saturday marks the five-year anniversary of the disappearance of Puyallup mom Susan Powell, as hundreds are expected at a candlelight vigil to honor her two slain children.

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